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A Gentle Whisper: Loro Piana SS24

A Gentle Whisper: Loro Piana SS24

Loro Piana continues with its philosophy of serenity, now infused with a Japanese inspiration, for Spring Summer 2024.

Trends today often favours the outlandish and the outrageous — like a pendulum swinging wildly between the excessive and the quirky. Established brands who lean towards timelessness know this too well; the currency of success is no longer dictated by money today, but with fleeting glances and clicks of a digital crowd dictating what’s “now.”

Yet, amidst the noise, Loro Piana stands out. Its clothes and accessories have long provided a haven of serenity with a quiet, timeless philosophy that is untouched by the din. And amongst its peers, it embodies a philosophy often missed by most — true distinction does not require contorting to every passing trend. Sometimes, even the boldest statement lies in the form of quiet refusal.

Take for instance its Spring Summer 2024 collection, a reinvention that is part clean slate, part whispered dialogue with Japan, but wholly an undisputed example of understated elegance. 30 pieces unfold like a haiku, each verse an exploration of refined simplicity. The way its silhouettes drape and flow offers a glimpse into the Japanese concept of shibusa — in Japanese, it stands for a beauty that lies in quiet restraint. That includes oversized kimonos and collarless jackets, and thanks to its relaxed fit, permeates an air of nonchalant sophistication that mirrors the tranquility of a Zen garden. Even its colour palette comes together as a symphony of muted tones. Shades of ecru, sand, and slate whispers across the collection and is punctuated by touches of soft sakura pink and bold kanji-inspired prints.

What separates the luxury Italian label from other game players is its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and materiality. Thus, it becomes clear then that the clients of Loro Piana are only looking for one thing — beauty in the refined. Simply glance at the design of its bags. At first look, one would observe the Gheira as a sleek, polished crossbody with a usable metal hardware. But inspect closer, and one would find its beauty lies not only on the surface but within. Made of smooth calfskin and lined in nappa leather, the interior is covered in full suede — a rarity in design. After all, the house is known to creates pieces for the eyes that observe the littlest of details, as though to excite the minds of those who understands how quality can also be a reflection of oneself.

Lest we forget that the house does not create just clothes but heirlooms too. Their idea of quality comes in the absence of time, where a young man should be able to put on his grandfather’s cashmere sweater purchased a decade back as though it is new. And the way Loro Piana ensures that is by innovation: the seemingly ordinary denim becomes extraordinary with its blend of cotton and cashmere, while the Tasmanian wool offers a warmth that transcends mere function. Each garment is an invitation to slow down, to appreciate the intricate details, and to fall in love with the finer things in life.

Unlike many other brands that shed their skins with each changing creative director, Loro Piana’s evolution is subtle, almost imperceptible. Its core values, of impeccable craftsmanship, timeless design and the use of the world’s finest materials, remain constant still. And while succumbing to trends may still be seen as the “way forward”, Loro Piana proves that it does not always have to be that way. But to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, is a diamond less brilliant for remaining uncut?

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