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The Dior Chiffre Rouge intertwines tradition and change

The Dior Chiffre Rouge intertwines tradition and change

Pictured above: The Dior Chiffre Rouge Black Ultramatte chronograph and Dior Chiffre Rouge Black Ultramatte

In the grand scheme of things, time stands as the silent orchestrator of change. It comes as a relentless force, indifferent to eras and organisations as each passing seconds brings with it a promise of change. Despite the turbulence it brings, time remains a constant companion in the ever-changing fabric of life. As the winds of change breezes through the halls of Dior, dynasties built upon sketches and fabrics ravel and unravel as those at the helm come and go. One constant, however, remains — Monsieur Dior’s legacy.

Twenty years have come and went, the Dior Chiffre Rouge made its debut before its grand renaissance this year. Armed with the richness of Monsieur Dior’s legacy, Dior taps into the infinite pool for its latest timekeeping endeavour. In the horological world where tradition and change struggle to coexist harmoniously, Dior intertwines both elements in the newly incarnated Dior Chiffre Rouge watch case. An asymmetrical construction accentuates both aspects, sensuous curves that have been familiarised with over the years meets a starkly tapered bumper. An unconventionally oversized crown is the very definition of the endless struggle.

The Dior Chiffre Rouge Makes a Triumphant ComebackDespite a predominantly monochromatic ultra-matte black execution, red — regarded as the “colour of life” in the words of the founding-couturier, exerts its presence on the crown — is expressed on the running seconds hand and date aperture, elements that give life to a watch. Without a crown, winding and setting the watch would not be possible and witnessing the passage of time would not be the same without the seconds hand and date. The inimitable Dior cannage — one of Dior’s iconic codes — finds itself as the enduring face of the Dior Chiffre Rouge to watch time tick by. Monsieur Dior’s favourite lucky number eight emblemises this creation as the only numeral in the date display to be highlighted by the vibrant red colour.

The Dior Chiffre Rouge Makes a Triumphant ComebackDior Chiffre Rouge 38mm Black Ultramatte with a black diamond bezel

At present, the Dior Chiffre Rouge is headlined by the 41mm Black Ultramatte chronograph and 38mm Black Ultramatte time-only piece. A special 300 piece limited edition 38mm Black Ultramatte with a black diamond set bezel and rose gold bumper is available too. The former is powered by a high frequency CD.001 Automatic movement while the latter two feature the CD.002 Automatic movement. A pair of interchangeable rubber enhanced with macro and micro cannage and leather straps offers wearers the freedom to match the strap to their liking.