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Eros on the “bag game” of Kuala Lumpur

Eros on the “bag game” of Kuala Lumpur

Coat, MSYD; Metallic Tabby 12 bag, Coach

Bag spotting is not just a casual game; it is an extreme sport, and Eros insists it is a glamorous one too. “I’m all about romanticising the mundane, even if it’s just snapping bags in a mall. It’s more than that; I’m documenting trends and spotting patterns in how Malaysians splash their cash,” says Eros. “And let’s be real. I’d rather chase a rare [Hermès] Himalayan Birkin than clock in the stress of a 9-to-5 job.”

Eros has carved out a reputation as the go-to guy for all things shopping. In his sartorial finesse, he effortlessly emanates the “I live and breathe fashion” ethos, a persona we immediately caught during our short conversation. Every day, he clocks his steps from strolling the streets of Bukit Bintang; dinner is practically a fashion week meal. “Baguette but Fendi’s,” he replied with a dash of flair if you are ever curious about his favourite food. But here is the twist — unlike his industry peers, he remains unwavering in his commitment to showcasing fashion as more than just content; his account is a bridge connecting people with fashion brands.


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“I encountered a slew of challenges at the outset — turning down scripted reviews that ask me to lie or dealing with people that question my intentions to film. But, as they say, it’s all good with time.”

Surprisingly, when it comes to designer boutiques, many confess to avoiding in- person visits to luxury stores, considering it “too self-conscious” or fearing judgment from sales assistants who claim to be helpful but shadow you like a hawk. Eros, however, begs to differ. Nothing can stop him from doing things his way. “What are they going to do? I’m their customer, and my videos contribute to marketing,” he asserts.

Men’s Folio delves into Eros’ insights on all things bags. A fashion tête-à-tête that is unapologetically on-trend as the boy himself.

Coat, top, pants, Stylist’s own; Metallic Sammy 12 bag, Metallic Tabby 12 bag, Metallic Tabby bag, Metallic Tabby 20 bag, Metallic Sammy 12 bag, all Coach

What is the “It-Bag” of this season?

Loewe Puzzle.

Share with us the three most spotted designer bags among the people of Kuala Lumpur.

I come across Chanel quite frequently — especially the classic flap, to the extent that owning it seems to have lost its significance. Now, I instantly recognise someone who’s playing the Hermès game when I spot the Hermès Picotin. It’s like the stepping stone to a [Hermès] Birkin for them. But what’s interesting about the locals is their fondness for Nazifi Nasri bags. You can spot them everywhere — from a crowded street to weddings and even in shopping malls. I understand how challenging it is to get your hands on one. When I see someone carrying it, one thought crosses my mind: this person knows what they want, and they have achieved it.

Let’s play This or That: Micro or XL jumbo bag?

I rock the XL jumbo on hectic days and switch it up to micro bags when I’m feeling chic. Let’s keep it real, though — micro bags are more like accessories. I mean, come on, what can you really stash in a Jacquemus Chiquito?

Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter?


Have you observed a notable disparity in bag preferences between locals and international tourists?

Malaysians tend to stick to traditional and safer options when purchasing luxury. If it boasts those iconic Louis Vuitton Canvas monograms, you know it screams Malaysian. Interestingly, seriously high-ticket bags — like the Himalayan or a Croc Birkin — are carried by Indonesian or Thai tourists. Mainland Chinese visitors are always seen with unique pieces from designers like Dolce&Gabbana or Alexander Wang.

What is an underrated bag trend?

Shearling bags.

What is an instant “bag-ick” for you?

Croc-print leather. I get that crocodile leather looks amazing, but croc-printed calf leather rarely emulates the same luxurious look. Whenever I see croc-print bags, my friends and I always mention how the bags are cows cosplaying as crocodiles. [Laughs] No shame in carrying one, but I think it’s not for me.

Comparing 2022 to 2023, what shifts have you noticed in the locals’ bag choices?

There is a divide between the everyday people and the fashion-forward circle in Kuala Lumpur. Most locals would still choose timeless classics, keeping them safe with neutral and earthy tones. But among the “fashion people”, you would spot the love for bold and offbeat colour choices — think lime, yellow, and pastel pink. It’s all strategic, though; they’re out here trying to match those hues with their outfits.

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