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The dichotomy of a boy: Gajen Chandra

The dichotomy of a boy: Gajen Chandra

“I am not who people think I am” was the opening line that escaped Gajen’s lips when we asked him to describe himself. Despite his prominent identity as a carefree comedian, renowned for not taking life too seriously, the public’s perception of him is confined within the boundary of their screen. However, concealed behind the virtual veil lies a different truth — Gajen has an introverted soul, who seeks security and warmth in the company of his dearest friends.


How would you describe the ‘real’ Gajen Chandra?

I’m actually quite quiet and a bit more laid-back than what people might think. I would usually step away from the crowd and welcome only those who are closest to me. I’m more introverted than people often assume, and that’s something I hear quite frequently.


Stepping into the spotlight as an introvert, how do you adapt to changes?

For the most part, many aspects of my life remain constant. I’m not particularly fond of drastic changes, especially when it comes to my circle of friends and family. Even after expanding my platform, I’d say I’m still very much the same person I was before.


What does a day in your life look like?

I have a routine, and I prefer to stick to it. I engage in the same activities and meet the same people. It might sound simple, but this routine truly brings me joy. I’ll never grow tired of doing the things I love. Every day being consistent just gives me a sense of comfort and stability, I really like that.


Speaking of change, many Gen Zs often dream about leaving the country. If you could relocate to anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Actually, nowhere but here [laughs]. Even though there might be flaws in the system here, just like anywhere else, I feel a strong connection with Malaysians that makes it hard for me to see myself anywhere else. Malaysia is truly my comfort zone, a home I would always come back to. 


As we wrap up, is there something you’d like the public to get to know better about you?

I really wish there was a better grasp of how my public image differs from who I am genuinely. In this era where information is accessible on internet, it’s easy for people to assume they’ve got you all figured out based on what they see online. But there’s so much more depths and layers of me that people do not know.