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Asics Mind Uplifter tech shows how sports impact your emotions

Asics Mind Uplifter tech shows how sports impact your emotions

A mighty follow up to its Sound Mind, Sound Body campaign, Asics’ Mind Uplifter and Word Uplift Map are set to delve deeper into the transformative power of sport, and how it impacts not only the body but also the mind.

Backed by a preliminary study developed by EMOTIV, a market-leading bioinformatics company based in San Francisco, Asics’ Mind Uplifter uses a combination of facial scanning technology and self-report data collection to monitor the pay-off exercise across 10 emotional and cognitive metrics.




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One’s confidence, positivity, calm and focus are taken into account to capture how different sports influences one’s thoughts and feelings.

“The unique way in which we are applying our initial findings using robust EEG measures, validating the Mind Uplifter™, will enable the translation of this research for people everywhere to experience and reliably measure the uplifting power of sport like never before,” said Dr Stubbs a leading exercise and mental health researcher based at King’s College London.

The data and algorithm will feed into a live global study, investigating individual Uplifts from around the world and visually translating into an interactive World Uplift Map. As individuals grow into a community, Asics will be able to refine its understanding of the tie between movement and the mind on a global scale.

In conjunction with Global Running Day 2021, Asics invites runners around the world to be a part of the innovative campaign by using the Mind Uplifter app to register their activity (both before and after the run) and share the results on social media with #UpliftingMinds.

To find out more about ASICS’ mission to move one million minds you can check out asics.tv.


Join the project and track your progress now on minduplifter.asics.com.