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Hublot reopens at Suria KLCC

Hublot reopens at Suria KLCC

Hublot boutique at Suria KLCC has recently reopened, and the new store is an embodiment of trans-avant-gardism, the brand’s definitive aesthetic. Nestled at the ground floor of the world-famous shopping mall, the new boutique takes cue from the brand’s penchant for innovative materials, providing a showcase for the brand character and creative pursuit.

Upon entering the store, every visitor will be greeted by strikingly cool facade bedecked in matte black etched anodised aluminium panels with a giga screen displaying Hublot’s creations. Combining glass, metal and technology, the interior design truly reflects the metropolitanism of Kuala Lumpur.

Inside, the interiors is livened by a harmonious mix of earl grey, ceramic white and dark chocolate, accentuated by artistic flamboyance of commissioned artworks and Hublot logomania. From their iconic watches to a diverse selection of straps, customers get to explore a kaleidoscopic range of products, including Big Bang Integral All Black, Big Bang Scuderia Ferrari 90th Anniversary in Platinum, Big Bang Sang Bleu II in King Gold Pavé and Big Bang MP-11 in Green Saxem. The store also boasts a salon catered for customers who need private appointments.

“Kuala Lumpur was among our list of high-priority locations to adopt the new design cues because Malaysia has long been a key market for Hublot. This early access to our refreshed identity is an acknowledgement of the steady support customers here have given us over the years and reaffirms our commitment to the region,” shared Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.