Cartier explores love with a road trip film

Cartier explores love with a road trip film

Imagine: you’re on a road trip with your lover with other-worldly scenery serving as a beautiful background as the two of you hold hands and head towards gold sunset in a car.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Cartier interprets their own version of road trip to celebrate the beauty of love. Highlighting the question “How Far Would You Go for Love”, the latest video of love story is captured by French director Cédric Klapisch, who is known for telling emotional stories through his lens.

The project on defining the vision of love was launched 10 years ago as a challenge and saw the French jeweller exploring various love journeys. Prior to Klapisch, Cartier has tapped Olivier Dahan, Luca Guadagnino and Sean Ellis to curate their own rendition of a love story.

In the latest video, Klapisch brings us to a timeless road trip which is akin to the adventure of a lifetime. From declarations to arguments and reconciliations, from adulthood to old age, the short film portrays an enticing love story, featuring Cartier creations as the promise of love that creates an intimate bond between the two.

Check out the film below.