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Juyeon goes beyond nostalgia for the Balenciaga Le City

Juyeon goes beyond nostalgia for the Balenciaga Le City

Juyeon of The Boyz is not the only seasoned star in Balenciaga’s latest Le City campaign. 

It has come the time for things of the recent past to be thrust back into the spotlight. From the whispers on the street that describe the second coming of the notorious wedge boots that haunted the mid-2010s, to the resurgence of G-Eazy’s 2014 hit “Tumblr Girls” as prime audio, it is safe to say that the Y2K revival is slowly paving the way for the last decade’s beloved trends. Balenciaga is leading the resurgence, delving headfirst into its archives to rebirth the famed City bag now — just as it was then.

And in rostering a seasoned star as the Le City, the same goes for the people fronting the latest Le City campaign. Juyeon of The Boyz — an attendee at the house’s latest Fall Winter 2024 show in Paris last February — is joined by other industry big-names: mother Kate Moss, Danish model Mona Tougaard and Chinese actress and singer Yang Chaoyue.

And so unravels a campaign realised in black-and-white realness. Lensed by famed photographer Mario Sorrenti, the classic riveted carry-all is pictured as the epitome of ageing gracefully. The Le City mirrors its 2001-birthed elder with ease. Mimicking the same 25-panel construction with identical dimensions, micro metal buckles and the thimble-esque studs that give the bag an ooh-factor, the Le City takes “new and improved”, and does it on its terms. Coming in a myriad of hues that vary from black, silver and steel grey to green, light purple and blue, the Le City opens the floodgates to recreating visions of the past decade — or two.

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