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Gucci goes past to present with The Horsebit 1953

Gucci goes past to present with The Horsebit 1953

Gucci’s past, present and future have seen a constant in the silhouette of its Horsebit. For the season, the house spotlights the enduring legacy of the iconographic motif.

The concept of time travel might baffle the mind. Still, for Gucci, the Horsebit loafer represents a mastery of a different kind of time travel — a decade-long spell of enduring relevance. A truly exceptional fashion piece transcends time, remaining captivatingly relevant long after its debut. To say the Gucci Horsebit is back is a mere understatement; it has never truly left.

Crafted from supple black leather and boasting a minimalist silhouette, the Gucci Horsebit 1953 has been a classic since its inception. For seven decades, this iconic loafer has adorned the feet of fashion royalty. From Jackie Kennedy to Jane Birkin, the silhouette has even graced the world stage, donned by leaders like George W. Bush.

There’s an undeniable power in wearing a piece steeped in history. It’s the knowledge that the very shoe adorning one’s feet today has walked the same path for decades. Perhaps it was a treasured gift in a bygone era or graced the steps of a now-iconic figure. For the Horsebit wearer, it is a tangible connection to fashion legends, world leaders, and the grand narrative of fashion itself. Quite literally, it is a chance to walk the same path as those who came before, leaving one’s footprint on the stage of today.

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