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Bright Vachirawit: Nothing lasts forever unless you try

Bright Vachirawit: Nothing lasts forever unless you try

What “Bright” Vachirawit Chivaaree has planned for the coming year seems straightforward.

After all, what can one hope for after conquering the fields of acting, singing, creative directing, entrepreneurship and ambassadorships, all done within the international spotlight?

“My dream for 2024 is to have a full English album. We’re working on many collaborations with international artists, too. And I want to balance my life better. I work too much sometimes. I need more time with my family, friends and myself.”

Tank top, Youths In Balaclava 

To get into his role with Men’s Folio (today he is a model), Bright is quick and adept, despite the early call-time. As tireless as he may seem, his “guilty pleasure” gives away the demanding nature of the job.

“I can sleep even on the floor or in meetings. Anytime and anywhere, really.” Though the physical fatigue is not apparent, and in his busy state, he affirms that there is a lot of love for his work, Bright has yet to find normalcy in his career of choice. A dissonant response, when one considers his standing at the apex of the “Thai Wind” phenomenon.

Sweater, pants, both Burberry

At 25, he has been elected ambassador for international labels like Burberry, Adidas and Calvin Klein; put his business degree to work with the founding of his agency — Cloud9 — and established himself as a formidable performer on-screen and as a musician. It has been a surreal year, even for someone as established as the perceptive public figure.

Tank top, Youths In Balaclava; Jeans, Calvin Klein; Boots, Burberry

“Sometimes I wonder if this is real. I feel like I’m living my dream.”

Bright takes no credit for being a hard worker. Rather, luck gets the merit. “I’m actually lazy. I like to stay in and recharge at home with my cat or with a good movie and food. I think so many opportunities have come into my life, and I just try my best to make the most out of them.”

Jacket, COS; Jacket, skirt, pants, shoes, all adidas

He reasons that he still has a long way to go. “I still need some time, and I still need advice,” but he says self-assurance has helped with his journey. “It’s very different, the first time I went to Fashion Week versus now. I’m still excited, but I’m less nervous and more confident. But I always find it fun to see the collections, the art, and a creative director’s thoughts displayed.”

Shirt, Calvin Klein

It may be this very idea of absorbing and observing that has lent Bright his success of present. He recalls his music-oriented upbringing, all-inclusive of a “rockstar” uncle who has yet to influence his sound in his present-day artistry, but has definitively impacted. Despite the age difference and a generational gap that bleeds into differing music preferences, he adds his uncle amongst the greats of DEAN, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean in Bright’s “hall-of-greats”,

If there should be a single takeaway from the blossoming multi-hyphenate, it is the spirit of positivity that deepens one’s passion. To his respective roles, Bright shares more about the bright sides.

Shirt, jeans, both Calvin Klein; Boots, Burberry

“I love acting because you get a chance to experience another person’s life, something you can’t do as an individual in reality. And for music, I love it because you can then express your real personality to people and connect on that level. As a creative director, you get to put out the full image you have in your mind. To see things go from zero to 100 and to realise your ideas is very fun.”

Shirt, Youths In Balaclava; Pants, boots, both Burberry; Tie, Stylist’s own

And with a grin, he speaks of rewarding the effort he has dedicated to the job. “I never really thought about celebrating. But I just bought myself a big gift. A new car.”

Photography Joel Low
Creative Direction & Styling Izwan Abdullah
Grooming Pornpichit Khumngen
Hair Thanupol Phoothepamornkul
Fashion Coordinator Manfred Lu
Photography Assistant Eddie Teo
Styling Assistant Laura Louis
Production Jeannie Ang