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Renowned Japanese eyewear brand 999.9 hits Malaysia

Renowned Japanese eyewear brand 999.9 hits Malaysia

Four Nines Eyewear 3

The number one eyewear brand in Japan, 999.9 (read as Four Nines), has finally landed  in Malaysia and we are extremely impressed by its savoir-faire in making optical and sunglasses that caters exclusively to the Asian region.

If you haven’t heard of 999.9, allow us to give you a brief introduction to their brand.

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Established in September 1995, the brand name ‘999.9’ originated from the quality indication of gold at its purest form, which is in line with their principle of continual quality improvement towards 1000.

Their aim is to establish themselves as “the standard of eyewear”, giving emphasis to quality and functionality over trendiness at an affordable price with comfort, durability and adjustability as their three criteria for a good pair of frames.

Four Nines Eyewear

Boasting of instant adjustability for its wearers, 999.9 eyewear is not to be worn but to be wrapped comfortably and seamlessly around your face, almost like an extension of your body instead of a mere accessory.

Add that to its stylish and intricate frames and we’re completely sold! Are you?


999.9 eyewear is now available at selected retailers and boutiques. For more information and stockist list, you can hope on to

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