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An insider’s view at the Braun Büffel atelier with Manfred Goll

An insider’s view at the Braun Büffel atelier with Manfred Goll

Manfred Goll, Braun Buffel

Known for its excellent crafted leather goods, the house of Braun Büffel is, without a doubt, one of the leading brands that is coveted by the men of today.

And when it comes to intricate craftsmanship, who would know better than Manfred Goll, Braun Büffel’s appointed master craftsman?

Dedicated and driven, both Goll and Braun Büffel strives for perfection in their handiwork and we had a first-hand experience in the brand’s recent Leather Atelier event.

In lieu to that, we caught up with Goll himself and he gave us a glimpse into the design process at Braun Büffel.

(Read on for the full interview session)

Braun Buffel leather atelier 2

Describe what, in past seasons, has been your modus operandi at the Braun Büffel atelier?
“Every year, we will visit the Lineapelle International Leather Fair in Italy. It is the largest gathering of leather purveyors and leather goods manufacturers in the world. From there, we will be able to scour for inspiration and materials for the coming season.”

And what happens after the trip to the fair?
“Once we have a thematic outline for what we wish to achieve, we’ll sit down with our craftsmen and designers to decide on how to get started with a new collection.”

Do you personally go through all the designs to ensure its quality?
“Once we proceed with the selected designs, prototypes are made and we’ll make our evaluations and receive feedback from there. This is an important process in streamlining the products we’ve planned for.”

Manfred Goll, Braun Buffel 2

That must be quite a tedious process to do daily.
“Well, quality control is also a team effort. I believe that having everyone’s input is crucial. The great thing is that within our organisation, that’s exactly what I get. We all work together seamlessly.”

Walk us through a typical day for you at work.
“Usually, it starts with a meeting with the design team. I believe that with more creative minds involved, there will be a wider perspective on the subject of our discussion. I’ll also make certain decisions for the upcoming season and ensure that the manufacturing process is running smoothly. There’s also a need to oversee the quality of each product produced.”

Was there any moment when you said, “Yes, that was a good decision”?
“Because I’m part of the company, I have the obligation to make it work. That is my goal. So, in a way, every decision has to be a good one.”

Braun Buffel leather atelier

Recall a favourite item that you still use today.
“I have a phone case that is made from brown buffalo hide. Braun being the founding family name which can also be translated as “brown” and Büffel is “buffalo” in German. I fully appreciate the tongue-in-cheek nod to the brand. Also, the leather used is specially made for Braun Büffel’s 120th anniversary.”

In our wobbly economy, how do you think has Braun Büffel maintains it resilience in the retail sector?
“I don’t think that far ahead. We’re a company that has weathered many storms. That’s something that we’re proud of in addition to the value proposition that we present to our customers. We stand by our classics.”

And how does Braun Büffel keeps itself ahead of the fashion game?
“To be able to distil trends that we can incorporate into newer offerings is also a way of refreshing our range of leather goods. In addition, a customer can always come back and we’ll assist them with leather maintenance and care.

One of the reasons I joined Braun Büffel is because the company clearly stands by its products.The rest takes care of itself.”


(Photos: Braun Büffel)