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Rolex hosts concerts with “Perpetual Music” initiative

Rolex hosts concerts with “Perpetual Music” initiative

Joining the roll call to lend a helping hand to individuals affected by the pandemic, Rolex has recently launched an initiative.

Titled “Perpetual Music”, the initiative is to support musicians and singers whose work and lives have been adversely affected. This is part of Rolex’s long-standing commitment to champion music talents and provide a platform to showcase their works - which also include the funding of artists at the Metropolitan Opera. Starting from 21 August 2020 to early September, the Swiss brand will host three “Perpetual Music” concerts that will be taking place in Italy, Germany and France.

Featuring more than 100 artists, alongside Rolex’s Testimonees including Juan Diego Flórez, Rolando Villazón and Sonya Yoncheva, a repertoire is set to be presented on each of the concerts with performances like orchestra, recital programme, and baroque and chamber music.

“During these difficult times, when musicians have suffered both the loss of audience and income, our aim is to provide them the opportunity to perform with renowned artists at prestigious venues with the finest acoustics,” shared Arnaud Boetsch, Rolex Director of Communication & Image.


The concerts are available for streaming on the platform.