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A look into the making of the Montblanc NATO strap

A look into the making of the Montblanc NATO strap

When Montblanc introduced their new novelties during the Watches & Wonders 2020, the eyes were all on the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere, Split Second Chronograph, Automatic 24H and Monopushers.

However, there was an unsung hero that brought out the vintage aesthetic of all these watches, conveying what a retro watch truly means – the NATO strap by Julien Faure.

If you are a fan of watchmaking, chances are you have already heard about the prestigious company. Started in 1864, Julien Faure is a company originated from St Just St Rambert, France, that specialises in weaving ribbons.

Blending modernity and tradition, the French ribbon creator makes its products using shuttle looms with Jacquard mechanisms. Julien Faure is also a celebrated name in the luxury world and has worked with countless brands including Tudor, Giorgio Armani and Longchamp.

NATO strap is one of the gems they have presented to both watchmakers and enthusiasts alike. Soft, thin and resistant, the strap exclusively made by them showcases highly-skilled expertise and intelligence in transforming textile ribbon into a strap.

Behind the magnificent appearance and luxury tactility is the onerous labour, from the making and the insertion of warp to the control of yarn tension – truly a worthy companion for your Montblanc timepieces .


Click on the video to witness the beautiful craftsmanship of Montblanc NATO strap.