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All you need to know about the new Armani Code: Colonia

All you need to know about the new Armani Code: Colonia

By now, we are sure everyone is curious about the new Armani Code: Colonia, a new scent synonymous with Chris Pine, the current face for the Armani Code line.

Joining its predecessors, Armani Code and Armani Code Profumo, Armani Code: Colonia is the new defining scent for the man about town with a discreet, casual ease, emanating allure and seduction.

Its creator Antoine Maisondieu (Givaudan) says, “When I began to work on this fragrance, I immediately wanted to keep its fougère spirit that’s so attractive and virile, and add to it a freshness and elegance by marrying the note with a soft orange blossom accord.”

The Smell

The fragrance is a salicylate fougère cologne that opens with a pronounced citrus note over an underlying sensual, woody, amber tone. The combination of citrus (bergamot, mandarin, pink peppercorns) with aromatic middle notes of clary sage mingles with floral notes and resonate with salicylate orange blossom.

The trail ends on a more fleshy base note with woody, amber, tonka and heliotrope notes (for the powdery quality typical of fougères).

Fresh yet light, this easy to wear perfume reflects a casual attitude elevated to a tenet of elegance that is always respected, never neglected.


The Bottle

The instantly recognisable bottle reveals the same sleek and stylish lines as those of the designer’s clothes for men. Except that the sensual concoction comes in a fresh, seductive blue.

The patinated cap is topped with the GA monogram. Just below, the subtle grain of a wide black band evokes an iconic cummerbund of the tuxedo, a symbol of elegance.


(Source: www.mens-folio.com)