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Graf Von Faber-Castell presents Samurai

Graf Von Faber-Castell presents Samurai

Japanese warrior Samurai is a mighty martial art, which is bound up with the well-crafted sword and swift moves that display dexterous skill of the artist. German luxury writing instrument label Graf Von Faber-Castell pays tribute to the powerful Japanese warrior with their latest creations to celebrate the year of 2019.

Named “Samurai”, the Pen of the Year comes in two versions: the Samurai Pen of the Year and Samurai Black Edition Pen of the Year. The German maker brings the spirit of Samurai to life with its exquisite materials, intricate craftsmanship and impressive designs.

At first glance, the dark barrel of the Samurai Pen of the Year – which gives its appearance a unique twist – is made of beautifully polished magnolia wood and engraved with Japanese characters hand painted in 24-carat gold varnish. It reads: “Today I win against myself of yesterday”, a quote from the great samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi.



More details unveil as you continue to observe the showpiece. A symbol of “tsuba”, the handguard, created by Musashi is engraved on the face of the end cap; the stingray leather with artistic inlays, meanwhile, is reimagined in the form of hand-forged grip. All these including the caps, the grip and the 18-carat gold nib are coated in ruthenium.

The Samurai Black Edition Pen of the Year, on the other hand, has some pearls of luxury to offer. Taking inspiration from ō-yoroi, the Samurai armour, the barrel gets a transformation in black metal paint with a 24-carat gold ornament of fine tapered lines, giving the precious creation a contrasting effect. Like the former version, the pen also comes with a quote in the Tamahagane inlay by the great Samurai warrior: “Cultivate both – your spirit and wisdom”. As for the caps and the grip, they are covered in an anthracite-grey PVD coating made from titanium, and the 18-carat gold nib boasts the same material as the standard version.



Last but not least, you will find the limited edition pens ensconcing themselves in high-gloss, black wooden cases, with each accompanied by a certificate signed by Count Charles von Faber-Castell. The Samurai Pen of the Year and Samurai Black Edition Pen of the Year are available in Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall and Sunway Pyramid as well as specialist shop at CzipLee Bangsar.


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