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Atas x Melba Nunis presents a Kristang menu

Atas x Melba Nunis presents a Kristang menu

Adding a new dimension to its appreciation for local flavours, Atas Modern Malaysian Eatery from The Ruma Hotel and Residences collaborates with Chef Melba Nunis for a special Kristang menu.

Named ‘Kristang Cuisine Inspired by Chef Melba Nunis’, the menu, marking the first-ever exclusive collaboration with Chef Melba Nunis, offers diners a chance to experience the time-honoured Malaccan-Portuguese delicacies.

Chef Melba has been championing Kristang cuisine and is known for blending traditional local recipes with western influences from Portuguese, Dutch and British cuisines. The esteemed chef also won the Best in the World in the Women Chef category of 2016 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards with A Kristang Family Cookbook. She now offers her cooking through Dine with Mel in the cosiness of her own shelter.


On the collaboration, Executive Chef of Atas Chef Tyson Gee curates 5-course dining experience, which takes inspiration from Chef Melba’s personal stories and the Kristang culture. Firstly, a glass of refreshing Prosecco is served along with a platter of snacks including Papa Vincent inspired Crisp Seabass and Seybak inspired Soy Glazed Chicken, which the elementary appetisers will prepare your tummy for more exciting dishes. The first course will be followed by Crab Stuffing and Ox Tongue Semur, kickstarting the menu with overwhelming richness.

While the lingering aroma of the appetisers has yet to varnish, Chef Tyson continues to whet the palate with grilled squid basted with a salty blend of sambal and squid ink. As if there is not enough spiciness, the third course King Mackerel with Vinegar Sambal brings the taste buds to the climax through the satisfying spiciness and sourness, making the dish a must for spicy fanatics.

Papa Vincent inspired Crisp Seabass
Crab Stuffing
Ox Tongue Semur

The fourth course, Slow Cooked Chicken with Buah Keluak is definitely one of the highlights on the menu. The tender chicken slicked in pungent curry sauce is tempered with the mild chocolaty essence of Buah Keluak, giving the dish a unique twist. Last but not least, Chef Tyson tops off the menu with two desserts that Malaysians are fairly familiar with: Glutinous Rice with Kaya and Tapioca with Palm Sugar, ending the Kristang dining experience on an authentic – yet unforgettable – note.

Can’t wait to try it for yourself? Make your reservation now with Atas Modern Malaysian Eatery as the ‘Kristang Cuisine Inspired by Chef Melba Nunis’ menu is only available for dinner on 4th and 5th September 2019 with pricing set at RM250nett per person or RM370nett with wine pairing.

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